Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Resound Sound

For many years now, night after night , people have flocked to Kitakits to watch them perform. Dance to their rhythm , sing along with the hit tunes and  feel the soul of their songs. And yes, although it has been many years, their look and sound is still as fresh as the day they landed in Dubai. These guys are amazing and if you wanna know more about them and their "secret" to the fountain of youth, I suggest you continue reading on ....

Can you give us the names of the members of Resound? 

R: Leo Alcantara - Percussions, Saxophone, Flute, 2nd keyboard, Vocalist &  Rapper ,3 vocalists - Royce Aldrich Centeno, Anchell Antonio and Honey Lhet Bondoc , Garry Castillo on  Keyboard, Jerome Mayor – Drums ,Anthony Chua – Electric Guitar and Frederick Prescillas – Bass Guitar

When and how formed?

R : We got together and formed a  band in 2005 in the Philippines . It was a different name then. In  2007, we got the Dubai gig and thats when The Resound Band was born. Its been  quite a ride ever since. 

Best memory as a band? Most memorable performance?

R : Most memorable performance would be the "Strong Bow Battle of the Bands"  in 2012. We won 2nd place and Anchell Antonio won Best Vocalist. It was quite an experience and we were competing with another Marco Polo band, Damage , for the top spot. 

Who's the most kulit (naughty) ?   Maarte (vain) ?  Diva ?
R : Leo Alcantara is the most makulit, dont ask why, you dont want to know.
Anchell Antonio is the most maarte but the sweetest too.
Royce Aldrich Centeno is the Diva , no contest there daw. This guy is high maintenance but he is also the most loyal friend. 
Iba iba (different) personalities brought together by their love for music and performing.

 Most embarrassing?

R :This was sometime back in 2009. We were performing on  stage and out of nowhere, this guest started throwing peanuts at us.  We were shocked. It was really embarrassing but then after a while we were more embarassed for him. 

 As you are all great looking  , is the main criteria for joining Resound looks or musical talent?

R : Actually  Bot ;) . Joke.  Main criteria is talent of course. But if you have both why not , right?  

What’s your secret for maintaining your fresh look and sound? How do you do it?  
R : Good looks and quality sounds comes from discipline – proper diet and regular work out. And  also very important is that you love what you do cause  eventually,it manifests on your physical appearance.

Can you  tell us something about Resound that we don’t know?

R : Resound Band has been together for almost 10 years in Music industry . The personal bonding gained through years of  kulitan, watching movies, church day, shopping etc is priceless. We have  grown so much together as persons and as artists. Thats why we are very excited to do this special anniversary show on Friday , 7th August 2015.

What are we to expect at the show?
R : Supah 8th Anniversary celebration will be simply remarkable! The Band will definitely  up the performance with yet unseen numbers in the history of Kitakits kafe & Klubb.  Prepare to be amazed ,guys!  This is our way of saying thank you for being with us all these years.  See you all there! 


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    1. Thank you for the kind comment. Will certainly try.