Thursday, August 27, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go to El Rancho

Yes, you read it right. We are giving you 5 good reasons why you shouldn't visit this hip and happening place in Al Muteena Street, Deira, Dubai.

1. Buy one get one free  on selected beverages on Saturdays from 6:30pm- 3:00am. What? You get 2 for the price of 1? 4 for the price of 2?  8 for the price of what?  Im totally lost here.  Saturday is the new Thursday?

2.Free drinks for ladies every Monday! El Rancho just loves the ladies and make sure all senoritas get their fix of Margaritas for the week. If you are one who doesnt like free drinks then you should definitely avoid this place especially on Mondays.

3. Now Tuesday nights is another bummer. Especially for Hoteliers and Travel Industry personnel. Everyone knows how hard people in this industry work. I mean, forget weekends.  Whats a weekend? Oh , ok. Anyway, what's this El Rancho is offering 50% discount on F&B for all Hoteliers and Travel Industry personnel on Tuesdays? 50% discount! Who wants to pay half the price to enjoy good food and good music?

4. Reason no. 4 , 35D Wednesdays.  Its not just the day before Thursday anymore , its also the day you get 35% discount if you party a day ahead of the weekend.  Stay away from El Rancho if you dont want to have that cool drink and maybe a good steak dinner to celebrate being awesome.

5. And lastly, Bankers and Real Estate Professionals beware! El Rancho is offering you 35%  discount on food and beverage,not just on 1 but 5 days of the week. Monday thru Saturday! Its too much! We all know you need a break once in a while, party and let your hair down especially after closing a big deal or completing a project. Skip El Rancho if you dont want to have fun and dance to the grooves of  Damage Band and DJ Mars.

Consider yourself warned and just to be sure you remember, I've compiled all 5 below and I want you to print it and post it on your wall so you remember all the days  El Rancho has these great offers.

Nah. Were just kidding . We'd love for you all to please come and enjoy, see and be seen , dance , laugh , relax, unwind, celebrate all days of the week! That's why we have especially prepared all these offers for you to enjoy! 

Open Monday-Saturday 6:30pm-3:00am.
For table reservations, please call Ms Madhuri 056 6060438.


  1. Really cool...don't expect me to be there :-)

    1. Thank you Jonathan. Looking forward to not seeing you ;)

    2. Definitely you will see me because you can never equal this amazing promotions to other brands :-)

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