Monday, April 6, 2015

Meet Mr Madan

When you walk into Marco Polo Hotel, you will probably meet and be greeted by Mr Madan Sharma. You can't miss him as he is always there. Slick back salt and pepper hair, dapper suit , friendly smile and a warm handshake ready to welcome all to the Silk Route of Hospitality of Marco Polo Hotel.  Madan  is our most reliable Front Office Manager and one of the reasons guests always have a memorable stay.

He joined Marco Polo as a Receptionist and not long after, his dedication and hard work was noticed and led to his constant promotion and finally  to his present post as Front Office Manager. Asked what his most memorable experiences are, he says there are many but what gives him greatest pleasure is the experience of having met so many people from all over the world. Some have become good friends and regular guests like family.  He also recalls that what stands out most are the outrageous requests he sometimes get from guests.  "Madan,  we are going to the beach and it's cloudy.  Where is the sunshine? We want sun Madan"  Always smiling, ever patient, he does his best to ensure all guests are happy and requests granted (not so sure about the sunshine though but you'll never know). 

So when you come to Marco Polo, be sure to remember the name and meet Mr. Madan and surely your holiday will be one for the books.

With dubai landscape changing by the minute exciting as it may sound, it's still nice to know someone / something familiar is there waiting to meet and welcome you and guide you through all the new adventures to be had.