Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Barbecue at the Beach

It was quite a treat to enjoy the outdoors with colleagues and their families as Marco Polo organized a barbecue picnic last January 11.  The weather was perfect to enjoy Mamzar Park before the heat of summer returned. Just a casual affair really, sitting around under the tree, enjoying the breeze from the sea as the kids played football. And the food, ahhh  Chef outdid himself and served quite a spread. Char grilled lamb chops that I still dream about , finger sandwiches, mini burgers, corn on a cob. 

Satiated appetites, good conversations and the sound of children’s laughter, what more can you ask for?

                 Management team headed by Mr Ashish Nurani - Managing Director                                     and Mr Sunil Marya -Vice President

Keep em coming , chef.

chilling , literally
Wonder what the wives are talking about...
new friends

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