Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Superior Supervisory Skills Training

The Human Resources Department recently held a seminar for all supervisors of the hotel. To enhance service and productivity, the seminar also provided the junior management trainees a venue to showcase their learned skills and innate talents.

Training program was headed by Mr Venkatesh of QM Consultancy. He has spearheaded many a training program in the hotel for many years now. The twist this time is that all department heads were called upon to discuss different topics in the course. This gave the supervisors a chance to see their bosses in a different light. As teachers and mentors they (Department Heads) can impart knowledge and experience to the participants that will surely help them in career advancement later on.

Culmination was at the Ballroom attended by our Managing Director, Mr Ashish Nurani , who in his talk, encouraged all supervisors to take it to the next level by applying all methods discussed not just in the workplace but in their personal lives as well. Certificates were handed out by Mr. Sunil Marya, Vice President and General Manager.  


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